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July 19, 2016

When you think of Nanaimo, what comes to mind? Do you think of the beautiful harbour, the abundance of nature or the quirky downtown core? What about the savoury flavours of seafood, the salty smells of the ocean, and the warmth of the setting sun as you relax on the beach?


Chances are that the things you love most about our region are the same things that attract travellers from near and far, especially those who have never had the privilege of experiencing life on the coast! There’s just something about being on the oceanic edge of our huge continent that brings undeniable feelings of awe and wonder, an appreciation for nature’s forces and a chance to connect on a deeper level with ourselves, our families and our communities. It’s this phenomenon that we strove to capture in this year’s video advertising campaign for Nanaimo and Region, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome!


In collaboration with the creative and strategic geniuses at Array Web + Creative and the phenomenal videography team from Filter Studios, we teamed up to create a story that residents of non-coastal communities could relate to and feel inspired by. It’s a story we all know too well; the dreams and inspirations of our youth becoming lost in the never-ending shuffle of work and family, until finally realize that if we don’t act soon, our dreams might never come to fruition! It’s a story that encourages to consider, “what is really important in my life?”, “what have I been missing out on!?”.



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