How the Saysutshun Raccoon Got His White Coat

Long ago all the animals and birds would gather together and have a year-end feast and a Potlach and share a meal with one another.

If someone liked clams they brought clams to the main table, if someone liked berries they would bring berries, and so on. So everyone’s favourite food was at the same table for one another to share.

Everyone always looked forward to Eagle’s dish because he brought Coho salmon. To all the animals and birds, Coho is like chocolate and it never made it all the way around the table before running out.

One year, Raccoon was talking to his friends Cormorant and the Otter. He said to them, “I wish we could just steal that Coho and keep it for ourselves because most of the time it never makes it all the way around the table.”

His friends agreed, so Raccoon says, “Well, all we need is a big distraction.”

Cormorant says, “Well I could pretend I’m stretching and while I’m stretching someone can run behind and grab the Coho.”

“How about I stand up on a perch and watch to see when it looks busy,” says Raccoon, “and Otter you run in and grab the Coho while Cormorant is stretching.”

The day of the feast, Cormorant goes to the main table and stands there waiting for Raccoon to say its OK. When Raccoon gives Cormorant the sign, he pretends to stretch and Otter runs in and grabs the Coho and takes off. Just as Otter is at the water line, Eagle swoops down and stops Otter and says “Stop! Why must you steal from our main table? This is the only time of year we share a meal with one another and you are stealing. I must teach you all a lesson. Cormorant, because you tried to trick me with having your wings flared wide open you shall be like this until this day.” Today, whenever Cormorants get wet, they have to leave their wings flared open in order to dry or they will be cold.

Eagle continues, “Otter, once you were a great scout of all the lands now you shall be a great scout of the sea. So now Otters breathe air but live in the ocean.

As each one was getting in trouble Raccoon became more and more afraid of what was going to happen to him because he had planned the whole idea and when Eagle said “And Raccoon…”, Raccoon because so afraid he turned white.

Eagle said, “Raccoon because you planned the stealing of the Coho this is how you shall live from now on.” The Eagle then cast the white Raccoon out to Saysutshun Island and told him that is where he shall live from now on.

This is why Saysutshun is the only place in the world that has the white raccoons.

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Dive Into More Interesting Articles and Stories