Whether you’re a hardcore backcountry hiker or prefer the urban paths, the trails and tracks in and around Nanaimo will give you a great challenge. Mountain climbing or sidewalk strolling, we have the steps you’re looking for.

Take the long route up Mount Benson to discover breathtaking views of Nanaimo that only the determined will ever see. Take a stroll through the forest to find Ammonite Falls, a pretty water feature decorated with million-year-old fossils.

Go for a stroll on the Nanaimo Harbourfront Walkway, a paved pathway that stretches from the Port Place Shopping Centre downtown to Departure Bay Road. Admire the ships in the harbour, backdropped by nearby Saysutshun, which seems to be almost within arm’s reach, and say hello to the friendly people enjoying the sea breeze as they pass by on the walkway.

Run the 250+ steps that lead to the sandy shores of Blueback Beach, or stroll among the Rhododendron blooms in Bowen Park, stopping to feed the ducks or to share a bite in one of the picnic shelters. Find the Fairy Doors in Neck Point Park, or watch the sea creatures live their lives in Pipers Lagoon.

Strap on your sandals, lace up your sneakers, or slip on your favourite pair of hikers – and take a hike in Nanaimo.