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Chemistry Consulting – Nanaimo Tourism Bulletins

Chemistry Consulting offers extensive experience and expertise in tourism specific research and are well-recognized for their ability to assess the implications of this research. For more than 25 years, Chemistry Consulting has been collecting and distributing tourism statistics for Nanaimo and Victoria. The data is provided to Chemistry Consulting on a consistent and confidential basis by hotel, transportation and conference centre operators, and then analyzed and distributed through tourism bulletins.



Nanaimo Visitor Profile

The visitor profile research was created for Tourism Nanaimo, in partnership with the local region, The Sociable Scientists, and Vancouver Island University (VIU). During peak season, ballot boxes are placed around the region at businesses, operations and events that visitors frequent. Visitors are promoted by various marketing strategies to enter a ballot to complete a survey for a chance to win a prize package. The data collected from surveying qualified visitors who enter ballots, is then analyzed by The Social Scientists and the VIU team to create the visitor profiles. More detailed information on the methodology used is outlined in each individual profile.

Vancouver Island Regional Profile

The Vancouver Island Regional Profile, prepared by Destination British Columbia, summarizes tourism indicators and provides a general overview of the area. The most recent annual data are presented including visitor volume, accommodation and transportation indicators, and information about seasonality and activities.

Central Island Visitor Profile

The Tourism Labour Market Research Project was designed to study the tourism labour market throughout the Vancouver Island region. The Visitor Survey component of the project was designed to sample Visitors to the regions through four seasons commencing in the Fall of 2002. This summary provides a profile of visitors to the Central Island region during the 2002-2003 year. The data was obtained from the Tourism Labour Market Research Project initiated by Tourism Vancouver Island and Malaspina University-College.

Tourism – Province of British Columbia – BC Stats

Tourism Sector Profiles

The Sector Profiles, prepared by Destination BC, provide an overview on the size of the tourism sector. They include both demographic profiles and travel characteristics of travellers who participated in the sector activity. You will also find information on the economic impacts and updates on associated emerging trends.

To view all of the Sector Profiles available, visit the All Sector Profiles page on Destination BC’s website.

Additional Industry Research Resources

There are a number of excellent research resources available from reputable tourism and tourism-related organizations.
Visit the links below to learn more.

Destination British Columbia: Research, Planning & Evaluation

Destination British Columbia conducts research on various aspects of the tourism industry, providing industry partners with information to enhance the effectiveness of future marketing and development projects. The information provided in the Research section is updated on a regular basis and can be helpful in examining tourism patterns.

Visit Destination BC – Research

Destination Canada: Research & Intelligence

As a world-class leader in tourism research and intelligence, the Destination Canada lets the facts and figures do the talking, offering data, market intelligence, industry analysis and e-business initiatives to support strategic and operational decisions.

Visit Destination Canada – Research & Intelligence

Island Coastal Economic Trust: Economic Indicators

Island Coastal Economic Trust (ICET) is continually monitoring economic conditions in its region. This helps us and our partners to stay on top of emerging trends and to understand how key variables like employment, incomes and construction activity are changing in the region.

Visit Island Coastal Economic Trust – Economic Indicators

Nanaimo Economic Development

The Nanaimo Economic Development (NED) office is a municipal function within the City of Nanaimo. The NED works to develop a creative, dynamic and competitive business environment that fosters economic growth. On the NED website, you will find a collection of Nanaimo-focused economic data research and statistics.

Visit Nanaimo Economic Development

Additional Data Sources

You can access additional tourism research and statistics data from reliable sources in British Columbia, Canada, and the world.
Explore these sources by visiting the links below.

British Columbia



Research Guide for Tourism Operators

A Destination BC Tourism Business Essentials guide, Research Guide for Tourism Operators: The Essential Guide on How To Conduct Tourism Research, explains why tourism research is important for tourism businesses and operators. The guide provides direction on how to conduct tourism research, what type of information can be collected, how to process, analyze and evaluate research results, and where additional guidance can be found.

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