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Tourism Nanaimo Service Agreement

In January 2017, the City of Nanaimo and Tourism Vancouver Island (TVI) signed a service agreement in which TVI agreed to provide destination marketing and destination development services for the term of the agreement (February 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018). The agreement was structured to run parallel with a process which would see the creation of the industry-led Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) and the re-envisioning of Nanaimo’s tourism model. Starting October 23, 2017 either party can terminate the agreement with two month’s notices. Read more…

Learn more about the parties involved here:

City of Nanaimo Tourism Vancouver Island Tourism Advisory Committee

April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018 Marketing Plan

Tourism Nanaimo is at an exciting point in its growth. The Fiscal 2018 plan builds upon past successes, but creates a cohesive presence in the marketplace through the development of a Destination BC brand-aligned creative concept. This plan translates a creative vision that captures the uniqueness of Nanaimo as a destination into marketing tactics that hit desired markets: short-haul British Columbia and Alberta residents seeking authentic travel experiences and identifying as Authentic Experiencers, Cultural Explorers or Free Spirits.

The theme of the FY18 Marketing Plan is uncovering the real Nanaimo – storytelling that forefronts the hidden gems and undiscovered beauty of this region, known and celebrated by local residents and now shared with the world.

Tourism Nanaimo Marketing Plan

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Karen Bannister, Consumer Marketing Specialist
Phone: 250–740–1222

Contact Karen for questions about Nanaimo’s annual marketing plan, ideas for marketing programs, or other marketing-related inquiries specific to Nanaimo and Region.

Hannah Grant, Social Media and Content Specialist
Phone: 250-740-1229

Contact Hannah for questions about social media and content for Tourism Nanaimo channels.

Darsey Batchelor, Trade & Media Coordinator
Phone: 250-740-1217

Contact Darsey for connecting with media and travel trade, itinerary suggestions, and familiarization or press trip assistance for Nanaimo.

Melissa Mills, Destination Development & Industry Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 250-740-1218

Contact Melissa for information related to destination development, stakeholder engagement and inquiries, grants and funding, value of tourism presentations, and special industry projects.

Dino Tsembelis, Visitor Services Specialist
Phone: 250-751-1556

Contact Dino for information related to visitor services, visitor counselling, travel planning, itinerary suggestions and other visitor inquiries.

Helga Lange, Visitor Services & Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 250-751-1556

Contact Helga for information related to volunteer opportunities, volunteer training, requesting volunteers, the hospitality ambassador program and any other volunteer related inquiries.