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Food & Drink Tours In Nanaimo, BC

August 8, 2019

Food is a powerful thing. It brings people together, associates memories to flavours, and creates opportunities for new experiences. Whether it’s meeting with extended family for dinner or quickly stopping at a cafe for an Americano, food plays a pivotal role in your full experience a place. Like many destinations, Nanaimo has no shortage of great, local cuisine. But in a city so large, it’s not always easy to find those great, hidden gems. That’s where a food tour comes in. Tours can either be done on your own with one of our itineraries or facilitated through a local expert […]

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Crafting A Farm Fresh Nanaimo With These Creative Locals

April 26, 2019

Written by Jordan Dyck (Follow along with her travels over @joordanrenee on Instagram). An escape from city life for some, a place to call home for others. A city that borders lush rain forests, crashing coastlines, bountiful farmland, and even a slight urban sprawl, Nanaimo wears many faces to those who experience it. On first glimpse off the ferry, you may see similar big-box retailers to those on the mainland. You may be tempted to stop by that drive through on your way to another island destination, but you’d be missing some of the most delicious, most unique, creative businesses […]

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The Grand Whiskey Bar

March 5, 2019

Nearly every man, woman, and child across this great nation knows Nanaimo for the sweet n’ chewy dessert that bears its name, but what if we told you that this great city had another bar worthy of a little recognition? While not a dessert, the Whiskey Bar at the Grand Hotel, Nanaimo is surely something worth buzzing about. Home to “the only fully-fledged bar of its kind on the Island,” says Manager Susie Sirri, this unique establishment offers over 75 different bottles of the much-beloved drink. From traditional single malt Scotch to more intricate blends and exotics from places like […]

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Gabriola: A Day Exploring The Isle Of Arts

November 13, 2018

The clouds lay low, the breeze is sharp, and the sea is rolling as if to welcome us to the Island. As we inch closer to the dock, the towering sandstone cliffs surround us. Then at the buzz of a button, we ran and got back into the van. Our adventure is about to begin. Gabriola Island is located off the shores of Nanaimo, with a population of roughly 4,000. This is not your typical island, and to help us discover what Gabriola has to offer, the Adventure 360 team and I teamed up with Vancouver Island Expeditions (VIE). […]

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Nanaimo Grape Escape – Vancouver Island’s Wine Festival

October 15, 2018

Can you tell us about the wine festival? Nanaimo Grape Escape is taking place at The Grand Hotel Nanaimo on Friday October 26 from 7pm-10pm. The Nanaimo Wine Festival has been around for over 20 years, but this year we have a whole new venue and event. There will be 200 different wines to sample and Chef Ian Ter Veer is preparing the food. You can experience live music, while sampling wines from around the world. What can visitors expect? The opportunity to sample 200 different wines from around the world, including wines local to British Columbia. This event also […]

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Longwood Stock – 5 Facts About Beer

September 17, 2018

5 Interesting Facts About Beer The oldest surviving recipe for beer can be found in a ancient sumerian poem called Hymn to Ninkasi. This piece of literature dates back nearly 4,000 years. Pilsner “is the most popular beer in the world.” – Spruce Eats Beer can also be a dessert… at least at Cold Front where they use beer from Longwood Brewery in their Chocolate Stoutnik flavoured gelato 😛 Nanaimo hosts an annual beer run which takes place in April each year. “Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass.” – Factslides *To prevent yourself from a cenosillicaphobic-induced panic […]

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Locals Know Nanaimo

July 31, 2018

Aaramë from the Nanaimo Art Gallery What is there to do on a rainy day in Nanaimo? Brave the rain and explore nature I’ve lived on the BC coast my whole life, so I’m not afraid of the rain. If it’s a big winter storm, it’s fun to go up to Bowen Park and see how high the river has come up or to go for a walk around Westwood Lake or Morell Nature Sanctuary. I love to bring my camera as there is always something interesting growing in the forest. The trees also usually provide a bit of shelter from […]

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Bathtub Weekend 2018

July 16, 2018

July 20th-22nd It all started in 1967 when former mayor of Nanaimo, Frank Ney, famously donned a pirate costume, raised his sword, and launched Nanaimo’s first annual Bathtub Race. “Tubbers” and visitors from around the world have been coming to Nanaimo for more than 40 years to take part in this now world famous festival and race. This year’s Bathtub Festival — a part of the larger, month-long Marine Festival — takes place at Maffeo Sutton Park & Sway-a-Lana Lagoon on the weekend of July 20th to 22nd. The Scoop, Or “Bail Bucket” if You Prefer With a mix of […]

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A Cold Front Has Hit Nanaimo

June 14, 2018

Discover your 360° Cold Front Gelato 306-60 Commercial St., Nanaimo, BC The Word on The Street A cold front arrived in Nanaimo early May 2018 and it looks like it’s here to stay. Sunny Parsons, a gelato aficionado and businesswoman, has opened up shop on the lower block of Commercial St. in the downtown district of Nanaimo. One month in and her business is already the buzz of the town – apparently even in the construction yard, said one source. “You have to try out the new gelato shop downtown,” said a burly man, sitting on a pile of 2×4’s […]

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Cold Weather Activities in Nanaimo

December 15, 2017

While we’re certainly not heralded as snow destination, Nanaimo does get its fair share of chillier days. If you’re travelling during the off season, you can reap all the benefits of areas being less crowded, a stunning fog that rolls over the city, and year-round hikes. The city’s weather is mild in comparison to other parts of Canada, but we still like to bundle up from time to time and hide away from the frost! Here are a few cold weather activities for your stay in #ExploreNanaimo. Shop Local Nanaimo’s downtown streets fan out from the center, the Bastion, with […]

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