Nanaimo Bar Trail

Nanaimo Bar Trail

Take a sweet self-guided adventure through the streets of Nanaimo & Region! Stretching from Lantzville to Yellow Point, experience the many deliciously creative interpretations of our famous Nanaimo Bar. Stop by the Visitor Centre or any of the participating locations and pick up a Nanaimo Bar Trail Brochure so you can map out your route along the 34 stops.

Classic Nanaimo Bar

A classic, homemade version, almost identical to the version on display in the museum is available at several coffee houses and café’s around Nanaimo. A few favourites are listed below, so you can decide which is your favourite!
  • Javawocky Coffee House - 8-90 Front St. (Harbourfront Walkway)
  • McLean's Specialty Foods - 426 Fitzwilliam St. (Old City Quarter)
  • Ohana's Cafe - 2139 Bowen Rd. (Central)
  • Perkins Coffee Company - 234 Commercial St. (Downtown)
  • Serious Coffee - 300-60 Commercial Street (Downtown)
  • Serious Coffee - 6357-B Hammond Bay Rd. (North)
  • A Wee Cupcakery - 407 Fitzwilliam St. (Old City Quarter)

Specialty Nanaimo Bars

  • Bacon Topped Nanaimo Bar - Smokin' George's, Unit 5- 4131 Mostar Rd. (North)-
    Winner of the 2014 DNBIA Nanaimo Bar Competition
  • Peanut Butter, Chilli, and more - Bocca Cafe, 427 Fitzwilliam St. (Old City Quarter)
  • Lime, Raspberry, Espresso, Dark Chocolate - Java Expressions, #2-2220 Bowen Rd. (Central)
  • Cranberry Nanaimo Bar - Yellow Point Cranberries, 4532 Yellow Point Rd. (South)

Organic/ Vegan/ Raw/ Gluten Free Nanaimo Bars

  • Gluten Free - Mon Petit Choux -, 120 Commercial St. (Downtown)
  • Organic/ Raw/ Gluten Free - Powerhouse Living Foods, 200 Commercial St. (Downtown) or 6560 Metral Dr. (North)
  • Gluten Free - Riso Foods, #15-7217 Lantzville Rd. (Lantzville) - "Not your Average Nanaimo Bar"

Deep Fried Nanaimo Bar

  • Pirate Chips- Unit #1-75 Front St. (Downtown)

Nanaimo Bar Ice Cream Variations

  • Ice Cream Sundae - Jakeob's Ice Cream Parlour, 306 Fitzwilliam St. (Old City Quarter)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich - Two Chef's Affair, 123B Commercial St. (Downtown)
  • Nanaimo Bar Milkshake - Living Forest Cafe, 6 Maki Rd. (Mid June - Labour Day, South)

Nanaimo Bar Cheesecake

  • Minnoz Steak and Seafood - 11 Bastion St. (Downtown)
  • Longwood Brew Pub - 5775 Turner Rd. (North)

Nanaimo Bar Cupcake

  • A Wee Cupcakery - 407 Fitzwilliam St. - Fridays & Saturdays only (Old City Quarter)

Nanaimo Bar Spring Roll

  • Noodlebox Port Place - 107-648 Terminal Avenue (Downtown)

Nanaimo Bar Cinnamon Bun

  • Cinnamon Joes - Unit 4, 13 Victoria Crescent (Downtown)
Nanaimo Bar Fudge
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - 148-6631 Island Hwy at Woodgrove Mall (North)

Nanaimo Bar Cake

  • Real Food Fast - 3-321 Wesley St. (Old City Quarter)

Nanaimo Bar Chocolate

  • Cherub Chocolate - 165 Commercial St. (Downtown)
  • Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut - Country Club Centre, 3200 Island Highway North (North)
Nanaimo Bar Cocktails/ Drinks
  • Nanaimo Bar Cocktail - Grand Hotel, 4898 Rutherford Rd. (North)
  • Nanaimo Bar-tini - ACMe Food Co, 14 Commercial St. (Downtown)
  • Nanaimo Bar Martini - Modern Cafe, 221 Commercial St. (Downtown)

Nanaimo Bar Tea and Coffee

  • Nanaimo Bar Tea Latte - Tea Desire, 16-3200 Island Highway North

Inedible Versions

  • Nanaimo Bar Pedicure - Kiyo Salon & Day Spa, #2 -404 Stewart Ave. (Downtown)
  • Nanaimo Bar Tea Towels - Nanaimo Museum 100 Museum Way (Downtown) & Northfield Visitor Centre, 2450 Northfield Rd. (Central)
  • Nanaimo Bar History Exhibit - Nanaimo Museum, 100 Museum Way (Downtown)
  • Nanaimo Bar Benches - Nanaimo Museum, 100 Museum Way (Downtown)
  • Nanaimo Bar None - Vancouver Island Symphony, 150 Commercial St. (Downtown)
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