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Nanaimo restaurants offer plenty of good times and great food choices. Whether you're looking for a quick bite to eat, or a four course meal on the waterfront, you'll find a Nanaimo dining spot to suit your needs. This city's cultural diversity has fostered a culinary scene rich with flavours from around the world, from Middle Eastern to traditional Coast Salish fare.

The widest selection of Nanaimo restaurants can be found right downtown. Some kitchens here are geared toward the nightlife, combining a stylish urban atmosphere with fancy drink menus, while others are situated in character Victorian-style homes, and serve the finest in high-end international cuisine. Did you know we have 4 floating restaurants? Visit Penny's Palapa, Troller's Fish & Chips, the Lighthouse Bistro or the Dinghy Dock Pub and dine dockside while watching seals, sea birds and ocean life all around you. Where else can you do that in one day?! Other parts of the city, like mid-town, and the north end, also have a great variety of cafes, restaurant chains, classic diners, pubs, and fast food outlets.

Downtown Nanaimo
North Nanaimo
Out Of Town
South/Central Nanaimo
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