Choose Your Own #ExploreNanaimo Adventure

February 10, 2017

You wake up refreshed on Saturday morning, with a sense of adventure for your long weekend. Fueled by your morning coffee and the promise of tucking into a Nanaimo bar later in the day, you decide to plot your journey across the hub city.

You know you need to stretch your legs, and the cosmos is telling you to connect with nature. Do you:

  1. Slap on your rain pants and boots and head to Ammonite falls, prepped for the exhilarating descent to the water.
  2. Bundle up for the trek up Mount Benson, day dreaming of the snow-capped trees and awe-inspiring views you’ll find at the summit.

If you chose 1: Sweaty and a little muddy, you did it! You embraced your sense of adventure, grabbed hold of the rope and made your way down the slope like a pro. Keep reading.

If you chose 2: You’re certainly feeling the heat as you make the final steps up towards the summit, and you’re rewarded with a clear view of Nanaimo below you. Keep reading.

Back at the basecamp you call home, you’re feeling famished! The grumbles from your tummy are telling you to get to whetting your appetite, and thirst levels are climbing steadily. You’ve heard talk of brews and bites all around town, so you know you have to make a smart choice. Do you:

  1. Dash down the Downtown Nanaimo harbour walkways to the Protection Island ferry, where you’ll pay the Captain and coast across the waters to the Dinghy Dock Pub.
  2. Keep ticking boxes on your almost complete Ale Trail adventure through the Nanaimo & Comox Circle Route. You’ve crossed a few breweries off your list already, and all that’s left is to try a new craft brew or two at White Sails Brewing.

If you chose 1: As you step on to the dock, you well up with excitement—you can practically taste the crisp tempura of the fish and chips you’ve been eagerly awaiting. You enjoy an evening of good food and even better company.

If you chose 2: Surrounded by good friends, you know you made the right choice. In front of you is a tasting flight, a plate of fresh pretzels, with a beer cheese sauce to merry the two. You feel a great sense of satisfaction.

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