Catch of the Day: Nanaimo’s Best Fish & Chips!

July 16, 2014

Hey y’all!

The other day I was craving some fish & chips, so, with a full stomach in tow, I hunted around town to find the best one!

My first stop was Firehouse Grill. I normally get the Seafood Fettuccine here, but I needed to fulfill my fish & chips craving. You can get either Sockeye Salmon or Halibut. I thought I would stick with the classic Halibut. Firehouse’s fish & chips are beer battered and flash-fried, so the coating is thin, crispy and airy. They are served with a really yummy chilli tartar sauce!

My next stop was Trollers Fish & Chips, who were recently voted as Nanaimo’s best fish & chips. Well the name says it all! They have three choices: Halibut, Salmon & Cod. I thought I’d switch it up and try to Salmon. Trollers batter is much thicker, making for a big crunch! It’s also served with creamy coleslaw on the side! After these fish & chips, I thought it was appropriate to wash them down with some ice cream on the waterfront!

Next, I hopped on the Protection Island Ferry to sample the Dinghy Dock Pub‘s take on fish & chips. Here, in Canada’s only registered floating pub, cod is the choice fish. You can either try your cod with a tempura batter or, to spice things up a bit, try the hand-breaded lemon pepper! I felt like going classic – so I opted for the tempura batter – so light and flakey! The fries – so golden and crispy! The Dinghy Dock Pub is definitely in the running for best fish & chips! And the view from their outdoor patio ain’t bad either…

The final place I went was Pirate Chips, at their new location on Front St.! These guy’s also topped Nanaimo’s Best of the City‘s list for best fish & chips (they came in second, after Trollers!) Famous for their poutine, Pirate Chips fish & chips did not disappoint either! They have two different batters: beer battered or a gluten friendly batter. They also have two different options for fish: Halibut or Cod. Since I had Salmon and Halibut fish & chips I thought I would go with the Cod. Pirate Chips is also on the Nanaimo Bar Trail, so I had to have the Deep-Fried Nanaimo bar for dessert. Oh boy was it decadent and delicious! As I was leaving they told me that to celebrate Bathtub weekend (July 25th-27th), they will give away a free Nanaimo Bar with every purchase of fish & chips! How could you say no?!

Verdict: Too hard to choose, they were all amazing!

Note: Don’t worry…I did not do all of this in one day, or else I’d be fish & chipped out!

What is your favourite fish & chip shop in Nanaimo? Let us know in the comments below!

– Laura


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